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Longshot was conceived when the founders, Clay Rhoden, Richard Rhoden, and James Hoffman, combined their experience and knowledge of CCTV camera systems and component level electronics with their passion for shooting.  The result is something that has limitless possibilities and has already begun to revolutionize the way that people shoot.  Longshot is bringing the shooting industry into the 21st century. Our app-viewable target camera is only the first product to be launched by the company’s visionary founders. We sell and provide customer support to the worldwide community.

Follow us closely and check back often to see what our next revolutionary product will be.

We take the utmost pride in the quality and usability of our products and the fact that our products are designed in Texas.

Contact Us

ARLE B.V. | Losplaats 12 | 5404NJ Uden | The Netherlands
T: +31 413-245631 | @: info@arle.nl

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